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A corporate troubleshooter (Kate Mara) is sent to a remote, top-secret location, where she is to investigate and evaluate a terrifying accident. She learns the event was triggered by a seemingly innocent "human," who presents a mystery of both infinite promise and incalculable danger.

About Morgan

Artist : Kate Mara, Anya Taylor-Joy, Toby Jones, Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook
As : Kate Mara, Anya Taylor-Joy, Toby Jones, Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook
Title : Morgan Full Movie 2016 Hd
Release date : 2016-09-02
Movie Code : 1943765
Duration : 90
Category : Drama, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Comment For Morgan Descargas De Peliculas

Kyle Smith Comment MorganName : Kyle Smith / Alias : New York Post
A dull, listless, derivative chunk of celluloid lacking any spark or even basic storytelling ability.
Kenneth Turan Comment MorganName : Kenneth Turan / Alias : Los Angeles Times
You may start to wonder when the last time an ensemble this good was placed in service of a script this thin.
Liz Braun Comment MorganName : Liz Braun / Alias : Toronto Sun
It's not a terrible movie, but it is a lacklustre feature debut for director Luke Scott.
Ellen Brait Comment MorganName : Ellen Brait / Alias : Globe and Mail
Even I, a self-prescribed horror movie skeptic, found myself wrapped up in Morgan - I was invested in the characters, I (mostly) bought into the plot and even found myself embracing some of the gore by the end.
Tirdad Derakhshani Comment MorganName : Tirdad Derakhshani / Alias : Philadelphia Inquirer
Pared-down, efficient, and easy to follow, Morgan dispenses with the long, complicated pseudoscientific explanations that bog down so many sci-fi movies.
Matthew Lickona Comment MorganName : Matthew Lickona / Alias : San Diego Reader
The point of things quickly shifts from engaging the audience's interest and/or intellect to merely keeping it stimulated and guessing.
Jeannette Catsoulis Comment MorganName : Jeannette Catsoulis / Alias : New York Times
Mr. Scott creates a disappointingly skeletal Frankenstein story that entertains efficiently but vacuously.
Michael O'Sullivan Comment MorganName : Michael O'Sullivan / Alias : Washington Post
If only the questions it asks were more involving, and not just philosophical window dressing on what is ultimately a fembot-in-a-cage action flick - albeit one with a nice bit of torque.
J. R. Jones Comment MorganName : J. R. Jones / Alias : Chicago Reader
Luke Scott is the son of Alien director Ridley Scott and shares with his dad a gift for staging scenarios in which institutional calm erupts into savage and exhilarating violence.
Sandy Cohen Comment MorganName : Sandy Cohen / Alias : Associated Press
The predictable twist hampers the story's suspense, and the film doesn't dip beyond the superficial.
Rafer Guzman Comment MorganName : Rafer Guzman / Alias : Newsday
"Morgan" works as a reasonably effective sci-fi thriller - perhaps even more so if you've never seen a movie by Ridley Scott.
John Anderson Comment MorganName : John Anderson / Alias : Wall Street Journal
The film, directed by Luke Scott and laden with high-tech eye candy, should have been a lot more complex and psychologically interesting than it is.
Owen Gleiberman Comment MorganName : Owen Gleiberman / Alias : Variety
Instead of developing its themes, it uses them as grist for an overload of "commercial" action.
James Berardinelli Comment MorganName : James Berardinelli / Alias : ReelViews
It's an attempt to wed philosophical science fiction concepts with bloody horror - a dubious endeavor that somehow works.
Stephanie Zacharek Comment MorganName : Stephanie Zacharek / Alias : TIME Magazine
Morgan is an unassuming little thriller, nicely put together and engaging enough while you're watching, though its memory is likely to vaporize hours, or even minutes, after you've seen it.
Susan Wloszczyna Comment MorganName : Susan Wloszczyna / Alias :
Before the midway point, it is pretty obvious what the eventual outcome and supposed big reveal will be.
April Wolfe Comment MorganName : April Wolfe / Alias : Village Voice
Even if his film's plot is predictable, the younger Scott is returning the ensemble thriller to its roots with something far more important than an airtight story: compelling, well-drawn characters and the talented actors to play them.
Adam Graham Comment MorganName : Adam Graham / Alias : Detroit News
Anya Taylor-Joy . plays the title character with a mixture of vulnerability and detached humanity that makes her like the world's most frightening teenager.
Linda Barnard Comment MorganName : Linda Barnard / Alias : Toronto Star
A mediocre sci-fi/thriller about a human-looking A.I. teen who can't escape her factory-installed features.
Soren Anderson Comment MorganName : Soren Anderson / Alias : Seattle Times
Nicely done, Mr. Scott, nicely done.
Bill Goodykoontz Comment MorganName : Bill Goodykoontz / Alias : Arizona Republic
"Morgan" . is creepy, and sometimes pretty smart. And sometimes not.
Katie Walsh Comment MorganName : Katie Walsh / Alias : Tribune News Service
Ambiguity makes "Blade Runner" a classic; a lack of ambiguity means "Morgan" strays into a run-of-the-mill genre territory, despite its deeper ideas.
Peter Hartlaub Comment MorganName : Peter Hartlaub / Alias : San Francisco Chronicle
Scott's pacing, building an early foundation of uneasiness, starts to collapse as the script resorts to illogical actions in service of the plot.
Chris Nashawaty Comment MorganName : Chris Nashawaty / Alias : Entertainment Weekly
Scott's low-key sci-fi thriller zips along with a sense of creeping dread-at least until it sputters to a third-act twist that anyone who's semiconscious will see coming down Broadway.
Tom Russo Comment MorganName : Tom Russo / Alias : Boston Globe
It's mostly when the younger Scott mines other influences and trends that his work falters, ultimately turning more predictable than he realizes.
Richard Roeper Comment MorganName : Richard Roeper / Alias : Chicago Sun-Times
This is one of the worst movies of 2016.
Sheri Linden Comment MorganName : Sheri Linden / Alias : Hollywood Reporter
Until its letdown of a final stretch, Morgan is a gripping group portrait of menace and vulnerability, each punch to the solar plexus a burning question, timeless and of the moment.
Amy Nicholson Comment MorganName : Amy Nicholson / Alias : MTV
Thanks to Morgan, we know what bedtime stories Ridley Scott told his kids.
Alonso Duralde Comment MorganName : Alonso Duralde / Alias : TheWrap
Whatever its flaws, this is a rare genre movie that allows two women - both Mara and Taylor-Joy are coolly riveting, particularly when they're playing off each other - to take center stage in both the drama and the action.
Jesse Hassenger Comment MorganName : Jesse Hassenger / Alias : AV Club
It would be a stretch to call the movie any kind of feminist statement, but it does boast an equal-opportunity nastiness alongside its enjoyable stupidities.
Allen Salkin Comment MorganName : Allen Salkin / Alias : New York Daily News
A lot makes me uneasy about where biology and technology are going. But Great Scott! Is "Morgan" really the best you can do?

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